Biblical Government & Authority

The Bible speaks to 4 types of government/authority.

In descending order based on the quantity of authority delegated by God:

Self-government:  We are accountable for our own actions being right.

Family-government:  Husbands/Fathers have specific authorities/responsibilities, as do Wives/Mothers and Children.

Church-government:  Who should be deacons, elders, teachers, etc.

Civil-government:  To protect individuals from theft (of life, liberty or property) at the hands of other individuals.

Civil-government has a natural tendency to encroach on the realms of the responsibilities of individuals, families & churches.  This is the natural result of a depraved human nature that chooses to abandon responsibilities to categories that absorb the tasks in an effort to increase their perverse desire for power over others.  Individuals prefer to abdicate their responsibilities to the government so the government can take care of them.  That rarely works out well – examples are men abdicating responsibilities as husband and father, healthcare for all, women abdicating responsibilities as wives and mothers.

Theology – The Study of God

Theology - The Study of God

The Bible is our complete authority! Truth (even beyond the essentials of the Gospel) should be universally sought after, agreed upon and applied. We share, teach, discuss & compare various doctrines. We strive to aid in knowledge of and application of Scripture to areas of life in which Christians confront serious challenges from our culture: Education, Worship, Evolution, Politics, Church Government & Discipline, etc.

Truth Principles:

  • There is only 1 truth.
  • Contradictory notions require that at least one of the notions is not true.
  • Truth is not dependent on belief.
  • Belief does not create truth.

The Pledge of Allegiance – A Historical Perspective

The current (after 4 revisions) Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag(1) of the United(2) States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one(3) Nation under God, indivisible(3), With liberty and justice for all.


1 – A decorated cloth or graven image is not an appropriate or logical focus of one’s allegiance.  Allegiance is more properly, powerfully and significantly given to God alone.  In a subordinate sense it may even be extended to persons or to ideas.  Even if a flag is the symbolic representation of what is worthy of allegiance, the allegiance itself does not belong to the flag.

2 – In the Declaration of Independence, our founding document, the word united was not capitalized when used in the phrase “We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, . . .”  This is appropriate as the states were seen then and for the future as voluntarily associated (not irrevocably united) with one another for the common good and not as subservient entities of the newly “united States of America.”  The new general government was created by and for the states who just as they joined the club voluntarily maintained the right to leave the club voluntarily should circumstances change.  Lincoln fought a war to prove this wrong but only established that the general (National or Federal) government had the “power” to keep the states captive, not that the general government had the “right” to prevent their leaving the union.

3 – The addition of the words “one” and “indivisible” were intended by the socialist Francis Bellamy (creator of the original pledge) to portray the several united states as one entity which implies that the sovereignty of the individuals and the states had been surrendered to this new overlord (The United States of America) which was never the intent of the Founding Fathers, the citizenry or the states who represented them in the formation of the union.

A better “Pledge of Allegiance” might be:

I pledge allegiance to Liberty and Justice for all Citizens and States of these united States of America, a Constitutional Republic under God.


I pledge allegiance to God alone, who inspired our founding fathers to promote liberty and justice for all citizens of these united, yet independent, states of America, our Constitutional Republic.

For a fuller history of the pledge’s origins see:



America is going to Hell. What do we do now?

1.  Pray humbly to the God of the Bible.

2.  Learn God’s truth directly from the Bible.

3.  Be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

4.  Educate ourselves and the electorate.

5.  Don’t waste resources fighting every individual symptom.

6.  Fix the root problems.

7.  Elect constitutionalists who understand the proper (limited) role of government.

8.  Jury nullification of unconstitutional and immoral laws.

9.  State nullification of unconstitutional laws — backed by interposition.

10.  Secession, but only as a last resort — as it was in 1776!


Is anybody’s marriage better because government at any level is involved? My marriage is between me & Pam & most importantly, God. Government has no legitimate role in the institution. It’s a religious covenant or a civil contract or both. Covenants should be outside the reach of governments. Contracts may be enforceable in government courts but government is not a party to to the contract.

The damage done to our society by government’s intervention with “no fault divorce” and with increased transfers of wealth to those who are not married are just two examples of disastrous government policy.

Marriage hasn’t failed. Individuals have failed. Society has failed. Government has failed. Marriage works whenever done properly.

God’s Will

I see God’s will in 3 categories:

The moral will of God — what’s right and wrong

The revealed will of God — prophetically revealed future

The secret will of God — what will happen because what God wants God gets

Violations of the moral will of God may indeed be within the revealed will of God or the secret will of God. This does not excuse those violations from judgment.

Ultimately: God is God and he does as he pleases.

Salvation vs. the Christian life

The “Christian life” is not easy and does involve much work along with resistance from the world.

Salvation is different. If you’re working for God’s love and acceptance and salvation from the punishment we’re all rightly due, then you still haven’t accepted (or received) God’s grace.

All we need to do, all we can do is to accept God’s terms:

Admit we’re not God. Admit God owes us nothing but punishment. Reject sin as your desire and ask for the mercy and grace that we do not deserve. Trust in God’s work on our behalf — that God himself came to earth in human form (Jesus Christ) and was punished by death on the cross which was taking the punishment that was due us, then rose from the dead proving his power over Sin. Humility is the key. If we claim to have done anything that in any way entitles us to God’s grace and mercy we are rejected for our pride and our rejection of God’s free gift. It is a free gift of God, but it must be accepted on God’s terms.

Once we truly rely on God and not on ourselves we realize how much God loves us and we have a new heart that desires to attempt to live in a way that is pleasing to God. But it is not that lifestyle that is pleasing to God that gets us to heaven. That is only by God’s grace. Even the faith to trust in God’s grace is a gift of God’s grace.  

Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

Reformation Academy

We are a not-for-profit para-church entity designed to compliment the local church by offering something ‘between Sunday School and seminary.’

God has revealed Himself through nature, conscience & especially in Scripture so that we may know God as He would have us to know Him and that we may know who we are relative to God. This wholistic understanding of systematic theology from logic, philosophy and especially from Scripture is sadly lacking in much of the visible church of today in America. We hope to provide resources that will allow those of us who may choose to humbly seek the true God of creation and redemption to gain knowledge of God and peace with God.

God’s Power

God is not more powerful than any other force in the universe. He is the only force in the universe. All other apparent forces are merely delegated applications of God’s force. God is not in competition with our abilities and ideas. God is God. In fact, God simply is. We get our very being from God. Only God is self-existent.

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