Residential Programs

Our core mission is to facilitate self- directed Biblical learning and the application of spiritual truth. Residential stays are in 1 week increments with communal meals as a means of true Christian fellowship. As part of the registration process we will attempt to find each guest’s specific need or interest so we can provide customized recommendations for study and follow-up discussions. For those with no known specific need or interest, a general theme will be given for each week.


Outline of one of our 19 weeks of study:

Monday – What are the key doctrines that are critical to the Christian faith? What are the doctrines that we can agree to disagree on?

Tuesday – Creation, Sin & Guilt

Wednesday – Christ as one’s only hope of fixing the sin & guilt problem

Thursday – Life after death

Friday – Review of what is essential and what is desired but not essential. Heresy vs. Error, Gray Areas, Understanding Terms.

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