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Answered Questions:

Are Catholics welcome?

Are contributions to Reformation Academy tax deductible?

Are scholarships or discounts available?

Are you like a Hotel/Motel/B&B or do I need to bring linens, towels, soap, shampoo, etc?

Are your Officers pastors?

Are your video showings for everyone there at the same time or can we watch whatever we like whenever we’d like by ourselves?

As a rather discouraged political junkie do you have anything planned to help me know how a Christian is supposed to function in this political environment?

Can I bring my pets?

Can I come by for a few hours sometime to see in person what your operation is like before I send my child or grandchild to stay with y’all for a while? I’m concerned that even a good place might not be the right place for him at this time and I may have to burn some relationship capital in getting him to go at all so I want to make sure it’s right for him first.

Can I come for just a day or two or does it have to be for a week at a time?

Can I sponsor a specific individual or group of individuals?

Can I use your facility as a get away or sabbatical location for a few months while I work on my own, such as writing a book?

Can several friends share a room to save money? If we bring air mattresses and such what would the price be for 4 or 5 guys in the same room?

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

Could our church book your facility for a long holiday weekend for retreats and have you help with part of our program while allowing us to be in charge of the teaching? We’re probably talking 2 – 6 married couples or 6 – 20 teens and young adults. What would the cost be for different scenarios?

Do I need a car while I’m at Reformation Academy?

Do you believe and teach that the Bible is literally true?

Do you have some sort of a degree or certificate program that a person could use in a resume for work in a Christian field?

Does being “Reformed” mean you’re anti-Catholic?

How long can a person stay at your facility at one time?

I guess studying is OK but I’ve got things I need to talk to someone about. Is time provided for some one on one with staff member(s)?

I have a family member who’s a picky eater. Can we bring some of our own food? What’s your menu like? Do you provide all meals?

I have family members from different faith traditions and I don’t want to offend them but I do want to witness to them as best I can. Do you teach what the differences and similarities are so I can find some common ground to peaceably start a conversation?

I see Reformation Academy referred to as a Christian para-church ministry. What do you mean by the word Christian? I don’t want to seem too dense, but I’ve seen that word used to mean such different things that I don’t know what to expect. Is it OK to be open minded or do you want to force people into the mold you think is right? I’m guessing para-church means you’re not really a church, so what are you exactly?

Is Reformation Academy affiliated with a church denomination?

Is there any free time?

Is this mostly a place for young adults or are people of all ages allowed to visit?

It sounds like you have a great library but what can I get that I can’t get at home or through my own church?

Since lots of churches disagree on lots of their theology, how can I know that you’re teaching the truth and how can I know if my church or another church is teaching the truth?

This sounds like a great place for people who want to study and read in a great Christian environment but I’ve never been much of a reader or much of a student. Is it OK to come mostly for the fellowship and maybe watch a few videos and mostly just take it easy for something more like a vacation than summer school?

What are the accommodations like? Would I be expected to share a bedroom and bathroom with strangers? Can I pay more and get a private room with a private bath?

What do I need to bring?

What do I need to do to prepare for my stay?

What doctrine do you teach?

What is a typical day like?

What resources do you have for serious study?

What will I be learning about? How would I know what weeks are on subjects of special interest to me?

What will the cost be for a stay at the Reformation Academy residential facility?

What would a typical week look like?

What’s the minimum age for a child to stay with you without a parent?

When do you expect to have the residential facility open?

Who can come? Is it for Christians only? Protestants only?

Will I be called on to speak or pray or share personal stuff with the group?

Will my room have its own thermostat or am I at the mercy of another? Sorry to be so picky but I really like it cool, especially to sleep.