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What ‘real’ Republicans need to demand of ‘Republican’ elected officials

Republican leadership has sold out the rank and file Republicans who thought their principles and platforms would be taken into consideration if we only elected Republicans.

I propose a litmus test. If any ‘Republican’ from Assistant Precinct Chair to President of the United States does not ACTIVELY support MOST of the following, they should be removed from office EVEN IF IT PUTS A DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE. If the Republican Party can’t/doesen’t/wont stand up for its historically touted principles then it must be abandoned and its fraudulent players removed from influence. What else is there to loose?
The List:
Ballot access for parties outside the ruling duopoly.
Ranked Choice Voting a/k/a Instant Runoff Voting
Term Limits
The application of the Tenth Amendment
Voting NO on any & all budgets with anti-Constitutional expenditures
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