Reformation Academy

Reformation Academy, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit Florida corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption. It is a public charity for the purpose of Christian education.


Is anybody’s marriage better because government at any level is involved? My marriage is between me & Pam & most importantly, God. Government has no legitimate role in the institution. It’s a religious covenant or a civil contract or both. Covenants should be outside the reach of governments. Contracts may be enforceable in government courts but government is not a party to to the contract.

The damage done to our society by government’s intervention with “no fault divorce” and with increased transfers of wealth to those who are not married are just two examples of disastrous government policy.

Marriage hasn’t failed. Individuals have failed. Society has failed. Government has failed. Marriage works whenever done properly.

God’s Will

I see God’s will in 3 categories:

The moral will of God — what’s right and wrong

The revealed will of God — prophetically revealed future

The secret will of God — what will happen because what God wants God gets

Violations of the moral will of God may indeed be within the revealed will of God or the secret will of God. This does not excuse those violations from judgment.

Ultimately: God is God and he does as he pleases.

Salvation vs. the Christian life

The “Christian life” is not easy and does involve much work along with resistance from the world.

Salvation is different. If you’re working for God’s love and acceptance and salvation from the punishment we’re all rightly due, then you still haven’t accepted (or received) God’s grace.

All we need to do, all we can do is to accept God’s terms:

Admit we’re not God. Admit God owes us nothing but punishment. Reject sin as your desire and ask for the mercy and grace that we do not deserve. Trust in God’s work on our behalf — that God himself came to earth in human form (Jesus Christ) and was punished by death on the cross which was taking the punishment that was due us, then rose from the dead proving his power over Sin. Humility is the key. If we claim to have done anything that in any way entitles us to God’s grace and mercy we are rejected for our pride and our rejection of God’s free gift. It is a free gift of God, but it must be accepted on God’s terms.

Once we truly rely on God and not on ourselves we realize how much God loves us and we have a new heart that desires to attempt to live in a way that is pleasing to God. But it is not that lifestyle that is pleasing to God that gets us to heaven. That is only by God’s grace. Even the faith to trust in God’s grace is a gift of God’s grace.  

Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

Reformation Academy

We are a not-for-profit para-church entity designed to compliment the local church by offering something ‘between Sunday School and seminary.’

God has revealed Himself through nature, conscience & especially in Scripture so that we may know God as He would have us to know Him and that we may know who we are relative to God. This wholistic understanding of systematic theology from logic, philosophy and especially from Scripture is sadly lacking in much of the visible church of today in America. We hope to provide resources that will allow those of us who may choose to humbly seek the true God of creation and redemption to gain knowledge of God and peace with God.

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