Notes for Matt (my #1 technical advisor):

Website questions re: WordPress, Elementor Pro and Amazon:

‘Recent Blog Posts:’ on the Home Page has links to next or previous posts and the blog selection does change appropriately but I’m sent to the top of the Home Page where I can’t even see the blog posts without scrolling back down.  How do I get the view to stay on the ‘Recent Blog Posts:’ when next or previous is selected?  I changed ‘pagination’  to ‘Load on Click’ which eliminates this problem but I prefer the previous/next pagination if I can keep from being redirected to the top of the page.

Contact form(s) – See RA link:  I want versatility & spam control.  Do I need WPForms Pro?  Also for allowing visitors to post original blogs.

Q&A under Reformation Academy is just Qs.  Need to make it like the real’s format.  Is that a WPForms Pro feature?

Blogs are all messed up.

How do I edit right-hand side bar on ‘Blogs’ page? Can I get a grey vertical divider between the 2 columns of blogs?  Why do some blogs open full width and others open on the left & center portion with the right side blog panel still there?  

Blogs (when in columns on blog page with grey sidebar on right) do not have icons to link to social media.  Could they?  When a title is selected to open the blog on its own there are such links at the bottom.  I used one to share the Pledge of Allegiance blog to Facebook.  When reviewing Yoast SEO stuff I got the message:  “The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.”  The ‘og:image’ seems to be the photo of 2 flags.  It’s an old photo I posted on Facebook in 2017 I think.  I don’t know where I got it.  

Can I set up ‘Author’ &/or ‘Contributor’ accounts for trusted folks so they can publish blog posts that they write?  Can/should I do it for them or set up some type of on-line sign up option?  I want to prioritize site security & simplicity for those specific ‘Contributors’.  I’m thinking of several specific men at church.  I presume you (Matt) can already do that.  Please feel free to post at will.

I’d like the photo of me & the text to the left of it to be much less prominent; especially the photo.  I can’t even find the photo when editing.

How to edit social media icons on right panel of Blog page?


I get spam e-mail that claims to be me!  I send it to spam but it also sends good WP stuff from me to spam.  Can I get the good stuff from the website to goto a different email address that still forwards to my email?

Should or how do I change my WP login from to something less guessable?  I saw how but forgot.

Which WordPress plugins should I have?  Loaded?  Active?

Can I install page hit counters?  Can I make them visible or invisible?  They were common years ago when I did old school all html stuff.

09/23/23 – I tried to add a photo to the post “Theology – The Study of God” and was able to add the photo but couldn’t put it above the title like the others are so it still shows up on the home page without a photo.  When I click “Edit Single Post” it takes me to another post – The Reformation Academy Introductory Video.

I tested the ‘Contact Jimmy’ form just above the footer on the home page.  The email came to me but went to spam because it said it was from me like a lot of my spam says.


Note to self: Control+Return is a line feed without the extra spacing typically between paragraphs.

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