Approximately .7 Acres on the East side of Enon Road

Unincorporated Fulton County across from Wolf Creek Country Club.

Property lies below road grade. North of Miles Road.

Highest & Best Use: Lot for 1 Single Family Residence

Ownership: Enon Road Properties, L.L.C. (James E. Norman is Owner of Enon Road Properties, L.L.C.)

Fulton County Tax ID:

NOTE:  There appears to be a clerical error related to the ownership &/or tax ID #, but the property may be all or part of:

14F-0122-LL-018-1 (probably the one we sold off) or
14F-0122-LL-038-8 (could be typo; may be 034-8)
Check for new #s since sale of the other property sold by Enon Road Properties, L.L.C. last year.

Previously proposed GMLS listing price $
Last appraisal/valuation?
Sale floor formula A:
Sale floor formula B:
Last listed price ?

Seller Motivation: To sell the final property owned by Enon Road Properties, L.L.C. in anticipation of closing that L.L.C.

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